Los Roques

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Los Roques is an archipelago national park located off the coast of Venezuela.   Los Roques is a chain of islands, cays and coral reefs located about 128 km north of the Venezuela mainland in the Caribbean Sea.  It attracts many European visitors every year who fly into Los Roques from the Maiquetía International Airport in La Guaira or by sea as tourists anchor their yachts near one of the beautiful islands.

Los Roques is a true Caribbean paradise offering crystal clear waters, white sands, and a variety of coral reefs.  This is the ultimate playground for scuba divers and those who love to explore nature.

Additional Tips

If you plan to travel by air, limit the time you spend in La Guaira to less than one night because of safety reasons, or try to fly the same day if time permits.

To continue exploring the beauty that Venezuela has to offer, check out etravelphotos.com for additional pictures.

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