Launched in 2012, Jet Setter Report is a blog featuring everything on travel.  The blog is written by a travel obsessed Venezuelan native who now resides in Chicago with her husband.  Jet Setter Report brings readers travel news, as well as must-sees for locations around the world. 

I have been passionate about traveling since I can remember.  Growing up I enjoyed sitting with my grandfather while he read me National Geographic, while most kids were probably watching the Simpson’s.  I took my first trip abroad when I was nine years old to Disneyland and every year after that, my parents sent me to a month-long summer camp in Maine, Pennsylvania and Toronto. The theory behind it, according to my dad, was to help me learn English and experience other cultures.  I loved every minute of it and when I turned 15 years old, I asked my parents to take me to Europe.  Kids in my class were getting their “quinceañera” parties, but I did not want my parents to spend money on a party. I wanted to travel and so we did.  My parents took me to France, Italy, Norway and the Netherlands.  Ever since that very moment, my passion for traveling began because no matter how many times you travel, you can never get enough. 

I hope my blog inspires you to travel, as well as it makes traveling easier for you.

EMAIL: jetsetterreport@gmail.com


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