One Day in Nara, Japan

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If you are looking for a side trip destination from Kyoto, Nara is the perfect place to go.  Nara Prefecture is a Unesco World Heritage site known for its sacred deer and breathtaking scenery.  Nara is a short train ride from Kyoto, about a 46 minutes on the JR rapid express service.  Most visitors go for a day trip from either Kyoto or Osaka to Nara.

Nara has many beautiful gardens, galleries and landmark temples and shrines to visit due to once being Japan’s capital.  Upon arriving at Nara, make sure to visit the tourist office located at the train terminal to obtain a map of the city and directions on how to get to the tourist destinations.  Most sites are within easily accessible distance by the city loop bus, which you can catch from the JR Nara Station.  [Read more…]