One Day in Sonoma Wine Country

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Just a short drive north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, you will find Sonoma County.  Sonoma County is a traveler’s paradise featuring hundreds of wineries, scenic Pacific coastline, beaches, golf courses, and incredible restaurants.  Within Sonoma County is Santa Rosa, a popular destination for wine lovers.

Wines in Santa Rosa have been garnering awards and prestige over the years, which is what makes the wineries in Santa Rosa a must-visit during your stay in wine country.  Some winery recommendations include Paradise Ridge, a beautiful winery where you can enjoy breathtaking views; Matanzas Creek Winery, also known for its acres of lavender; DeLoach Vineyards, known for its Pinot Noir; Inman Family Wines, a family owned winery where you might get the unique opportunity to meet the winemaker; and Harvest Moon, known for its delicious zinfandel.  For dinner, stop by Willi’s Wine Bar which has an extensive wine list and a great variety menu.

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