Positano, Italy

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Positano is a small quaint town located on the famous Amalfi Coast of Italy.  The main part of the city of Positano is set on a dramatic cliff which features beautifully colored Mediterranean houses, hotels, and boutique stores that lead all the way down to the coast.

Positano first became popular in the 1950s when writer John Steinbeck published an essay about Positano in Harper’s Bazaar.  Sixty years later we all can agree that the reasons that attracted Steinbeck to this magical place, including its dramatic scenery and tranquility, now attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

What to see?

Get lost in the beauty of Positano while walking through the small pedestrian paths, or spend time relaxing by the beach.

Don’t forget to visit the church of Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta.  This church was built in the 1920s and is one of the most famous attractions in Positano.

How to get to Positano?

The easiest way to get to Positano is by taking the ferry or hydrofoil from Naples, Sorrento or Capri.  This is also one the fastest ways, even though it is a little more expensive than traveling by bus.  Traveling by boat is an amazing way to experience the spectacular views of the Amalfi coast.

Another way to get to Positano is by car or by taking the Sita bus from Naples, Sorrento or Salerno.

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