Èze, France

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Looking for other fantastic places to visit in the French Riviera after you’ve seen Nice?  Then I recommend visiting the small town of Eze.  Eze is a hill top village located about 20 minutes (by car) away from Nice and the drive offers spectacular views of other neighboring cities and of course the French Riviera.  Upon arrival at Eze, you can visit the famous perfumery of Fragonard.  Fragonard offers free guided tours where you will learn more about their perfumes, soaps and cosmetics.  At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to buy their products at factory prices.  Continue your tour of the village by having lunch at the famous Château Eza, which is a bit pricey but it offers incredible panoramic views.  It is simply a must and worth the climb.

Continue your journey by driving to Monaco or if you feel adventurous, you can even visit Italy.


  1. Beautiful pictures. When I went to Nice, we rented a car and did Eze, Monaco, and Italy for dinner. We went to San Remo and looked on TripAdvisor for restaurant reccomendations. It was very easy day trip since you drive along the coast the whole way.

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