New York City High Line

New York City has an indefinite number of things to offer and among those is the High Line.  The High Line, which is located in New York City’s West side is a public park set on a rail line.  It is slightly elevated which allows you to get amazing views of the Hudson River and the midtown skyline.  In addition to walking the High Line for the first time this year, I also had the opportunity to walk the final section of the rail yards, currently closed to visitors, thanks to sponsored tours provided by UNIQLO.  These sponsored tours allowed visitors to walk the rail yards before they begin construction later this year.

New York City Rail Yards High Line

Tour of the Rail Yards at the New York City High Line

New York City High Line

The High Line

View of the NYC statue of liberty from the High Line

View of the statue of liberty from the High Line

If you are planning on visiting the High Line, be sure to stop by at the Standard Biergarten at the end of your tour for a beer.  The Biergarten is located at the Stardard Hotel and it is probably one of my favorite beer gardens.  You will feel like you are having a beer in Munich and not in New York City.

New York City Standard Hotel Biergarten

The Standard Hotel Biergarten

Standard Hotel Biergarten

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